Deep Tech Summit SiGMA


Technology has always been at the forefront of SiGMA Group's focus, with the company one of the first to embrace deep tech through its sister show AIBC Summit - which specialises in the emerging tech sector.

Following the ground-breaking success of AIBC, we've decided to go even further and design a conference for tech-to-tech and place deep technology at the heart of the conversation. AI, Big Data, UX, open source vs licensed tech, and so on are some of the many topics which will be addressed during SiGMA Deep Tech.

This summit features the world’s best developers and CTOs on our speaker lineup and is dedicated to the coders, the CTOs responsible for all cutting-edge tech that our industry is so dependent on.

We believe that in a very competitive industry, a scientific and innovation-driven approach to technology is the key to making a difference! SiGMA Deep Tech is the place to learn, share and highlight the latest technologies within the sphere.

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DEEP TECH AGENDA - 18 Nov 2021


George Shamugia


Chris Armes


Gege Gatt


Jason Farrugia


Karl Davie Benett

Microsoft Azure

Ricardo Ruiz


Tim Walls


Krzysztof Opalka

Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd

Josef Darmark




Steve Chao

Turing Industries

"SiGMA Testimonial SiGMA DeepTech is a think tank for what matters to the world of tech trends and a great platform linking the masterminds of our time. Don't miss the next one! Be there.

Chris Armes


"SiGMA Testimonial SiGMA Virtual Conference was a great way to get the technical community to stay connected.

George Shamugia


"SiGMA Testimonial SiGMA Deep Tech is an excellent initiative, I find it crucial for the future development of the industry as a whole. The content was really insightful, especially considering this was the inaugural event.

Jason Farrugia


"SiGMA Testimonial SiGMA Deep Tech is focused on new emerging technologies that the Gaming industry is heavily dependent on. This was a great initiative and a huge success for the industry.